These days, anything that goes on twitter hits the blogospheres, anything is possible on that app. Relationships have been formed, connections made, and bags secured from a simple retweet. However, it’s not just the good stuff, bad things go down as well.

Twitter can send your relationship to hell and that’s exactly what happened here.


It was an uneventful day on Twitter when someone started the waist bead thread asking for submissions, anonymously or not.

See more photos below:

Photos rolled in, tweeps rushed to the thread and soon enough, a trend was created with thousands of retweets and even more replies until a certain man found photos of his fiancée. 

The man, who works off-shore, recognized the beads, her panties and the engagement ring in the photo.

He confirmed his suspicions when he found that the photo had also been retweeted by her friends.




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