Popular socialite and club owner, Pretty Mike caused a stare at a wedding as he arrived with 5 ladies dressed as brides in their wedding gown.

Pretty Mike paused the wedding ceremony as he staged an entrance with a violinist playing the popular “here comes the bride” song as they walk into the wedding reception to the centre of the wedding hall with the 5 brides in their wedding dresses in front of him.


Pretty Mike is very well known for causing a stir at every event he attends and this is no different. Almost all the guests at the event were on their feet and had their camera out to capture the moment.

On getting to the stage, Pretty Mike went forward to shake and hug the groom while his brides waited on the dance floor. After the brief exchange of pleasantries, he joined his brides on the dance floor, dancing and spraying wands of cash.

Watch the video below:



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