If you’ve been on popular social media platform ‘twitter’ you would have seen this trend ‘Seyi UBA’ its still trending on Twitter and many do not even know how it all started, we have full details here.

A trend “red flag” started on the social media platform where people were sharing what turns them off in the opposite sex.


Many started sharing their red flags while others joined in commenting on the ones they found worth talking about. It immediately started turning around when people started dissing each other over what they shared as their red flag.

A social media user; @juiciestofjays decided to call out a man who she has had an encounter with off the platform. She wrote;

“You said you graduated with a first class but you’ve been working in uba as contract staff since 2017, still waiting on that 80K to upgrade to 120 but you  can complain about someone’s wig? face the one that’s doing you seyi.”

The “red flag” he shared must have been concerning a lady’s wig. Her reaction to his post immediately started trending and people began calling out Seyi UBA for his comment while others encouraged him that he is not doing bad at all.

The mysterious Seyi is said to have received several new job offers from different organizations who are willing to pay him more especially with his first class qualification.

But who is the Seyi UBA?




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