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Davido gave me N2 million in a day and i also gave 10 percent to orphanage – Christiana reveals.

Life they say is a mystery and when i first met Christiana at the Infinix VIP Concert i just felt there was something different; Newsmag Media was curating a vox pop at the event and we saw the lady ‘Christiana Onakekor’ who eventually became Two million Naira richer courtesy Davido.

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Then that moment came when Christiana was noticed by Davido, in her words ‘I was crying while singing ‘Stand Strong’ i love the song so i sang with passion and Davido saw me and wanted me to come up on stage.

Davido eventually gave Christiana his sneakers and later asked Bobo who Christiana claimed is his lawyer ‘Bobo is Davido’s lawyer, he transferred the two million Naira immediately even before Davido finished performance at the Infinix VIP Concert, he also ensured i got home safely

The Infinix VIP concert is an event organized to showcase the Infinix VIP series and also to network with fans, don’t forget Davido is also the biggest ambassador of the brand ‘Infinix’ and all these activities made life beautiful for Christiana.

However when i saw Christiana on stage i was happy and then it became a beautiful story, we followed her all through the event and wanted to know if she got the Two Million Naira.

Christiana was spotted wearing Davido’s sneakers at the end of event and by this time she was enjoying fame.

I got in touch with her and wanted to hear her side of the story so we met at Ibile a fast food chain business located at ilupeju. There she opened up to me; how it happened.

She also revealed how she took 10 percent of the two million naira to an orphanage which choose over tithe

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