The drama between Cindy and Beunique clothing is not even over as they claim the BBNaija star actually begged for the dress.

Beunique who asked Cindy to take down the post she made wearing the dress she claims she gave her for free because she did not tag the clothing store in the picture.


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Cindy claims she was going to sue the clothing store after she called them ungrateful and they have accepted to settle the case in court after they shed more light on what happened. They wrote on their official social media page;

“Cindy Okafor you’re telling people that I pleaded with you to give you the dress and the bodyshaper, forgetting that … … and …. and other people were there when you begged for this full bodyshaper after you saw the transformation on your body as seen in the second video. I never begged you to go with any of my stuff. It was an agreement so please stop lying everything happened inside my bedroom and other people were there. Now you’re threatening to take me to court with free stuffs you collected… P.s: you have me and other vendors to face in court. Bwunique is 100 ready”




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