BBNaija housemates were put to test, to show their lyrical depth eventually Jackye steals the show, placed on the map of winners, after a long battle that spanned the entire day, Jackye’s hard work and lyrical prowess paid off as she won the Pepsi Know Da Lyrics challenge.

The Prep


In the garden, they were seen rehearsing, singing their chosen songs. We saw an American-tongue Mike struggling to get the words correctly. Going over and over the songs, Mike was not letting go of his resolve to show us what he’s got. Not even food could make him waiver about this Task, as he was seen singing the songs several times until Mercy and Diane came to his rescue regarding his pronunciation of “Olu omo”. He was rehearsing Teni’s ‘Case’.

Even when HoH Esther gathered all of them in the Lounge, Mike wouldn’t stop rehearsing the songs with the others looking at him in amazement. Then Esther announced that all lyrics with them should be placed into the Pepsi box provided in the Diary Room as instructed by Biggie. But she later collected the cards from them to put in the box on their behalf, as the HoH, you know.

The Performance

It’s time for the challenge and as instrumentals to the five songs played in the background, each of them was called out to perform his part. After a few minutes of relaxation in the garden, the Housemates gathered again in the Lounge by Biggie.



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