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10 Things we learnt from Davido as he went on a 24 hours adventure with Tayo Aina to Botswana | Video

In-case you don’t know, Davido is an Afrobeat artist and the most renowned in Nigeria, in all my event coverage experience he’s always the last performer, and when he leaves the stage, everyone leaves the event.

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Apparently this is a tit bit for event organizers, don’t feature David first if you have other artistes especially if the event is staged in Nigeria.

Arguably Davido is Nigeria’s biggest artiste and this is why he’s the most endorsed musician in Nigeria.

Popular Yotuber Tayo Aina released one of his biggest content of all time, in my opinion going on an exclusive trip with Davido, flying on the same private jet is the peak of all contents.

And so the content creator did justice to this trip giving us all the intrigues, suspense and it was like a reality TV series. In this trip we had a one on one experience with Davido and his 30BG crew, taking off from Lagos, Nigeria, on a long flight to Botswana, Tayo gave us some insights and i will highlight 10 things i learnt from his adventure with Davido.

  1. Davido is humble and takes details:

Tayo Aina revealed he was meeting Davido for the first time and even before he approached the most followed African Musician he already stretched his hands to shake the Youtuber and he added ‘I watch your videos. At some point i just felt that humility from a platinum star, he didnt hesitate to go on a walk with Tayo giving him the opportunity to fly on the same jet.

2. Davido unlearned and relearned

In Botswana, Davido revealed how the Timeless Album topped charts, making it his first album to achieve this after 12 years of his career. So there was something he did differently, he took a break from music and worked on himself even after loosing his son in November 2022.

3. Davido is a boss and a team player:

Don’t forget, before the trip to Botswana Davido had finished his Timeless concert and no time to rest he slept while on flight and he constantly reminded his team to keep to time.

Arriving Botswana at some point Davido allowed his team members manage his affairs he wasn’t forward. At every instance when the attention of any team member is needed he just allows them take the lead. For instance when they got to the Botswana immigrations, Davido got there first before his manager but he had to wait for Asa to take the lead.

4. Davido is actively involve, managing social media:

It will surprise you, Davido approves every of his contents that goes up online, this is why he constantly works with Dammy Switch.

5. Davido doesn’t sleep:

At some point Davido revealed to Tayo, i don’t sleep, i wake up all night to record

6. Davido believes in Team work and not working alone:

At every giving point he holds strategic meetings with 30BG and the subject of discussion is growth. every team member contributes based on their roles. At some point they deliberated on his US tour.

7. Davido doesn’t like foreign food, he loves Nigerian delicacies:

After his speech at the Forbes event, they walked into a bar and Tayo asked him about his kind of food and asked if they can taste Botswana meals, he rejected the offer instantly, stating he doesn’t have time for that, says he’s very fine with his Nigerian food.

8. Davido Motivates his subordinates:

On the flight to Botswana, Dammy Switch who is the head od Video contents was spotted editing footages from the Timeless Concert, Tayo reached out to him if he wont sleep he said he needs to round up with work. When Davido gets tired and losing track with time his team members reminds him to keep track with time. At some point you just know this guys don’t want Davido to fail.

9. Davido loves Family:

While speaking about his education background, life in Babcock he quickly switched conversation to how he meet Chioma during his university days and he couldn’t hold his joy having a wife.

10. Davido is kind hearted, inspires his 30BG crew:

In a pitch session in Botswana, Davido inspired everyone who came out to pitch their business and one of his crew members revealed to Tayo how he became his photographer after serving in the US military.



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